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Joel Jensen

1077 Portland Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Cell: 612-978-8636

Professional Experience

2015-Present, Senior Software Engineer, Iora Health, Saint Paul, MN

As a senior engineer at Iora Health, I helped build the platform for Iora's "Chirp" Electronic Health Record (EHR). Using AWS hosted infrastructure, excellent design and big data to easily assist medical personel and patients. We display current patient information, trends, recommended testing based on patient conditions in order to better the health of the person. The platform is significantly easier to use and much better received than a other currently on the market. It is tooling which truly saves lives.

I am a full stack engineer working chrip, from front end to DevOps. I've automated "Chirp" deployment across multiple environments, VPC's and servers using Ansible and Amazon AWS. Integrated external vendor offerings and datasources into Iora's infrastructure in a HIPAA compliant manner. I built the best practices around API documentation, and tooling. I worked significantly on the API layer and Backbone.js portion of the EHR. I've helped build patient notification systems. Integrated data feeds with external insurance providers. Worked on the ICD-9 to IDC-10 switchover. I've built monitoring and reporting for various applications within Iora.

  • Backend - Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend - nodejs, Backbone, React, Ember, Sass
  • RabbitMQ, Resque
  • Rspec / Cucumber
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Ansible for automation

2011-2015, Lead Developer,, Richfield, MN

I was a software consultant at Best Buy Headquarters through Valere Consulting for this entire period.

I was Lead Developer for Content Ingestion ( PCM / Epic ) for Best Buy. I lead a 6 developer team tasked with gathering, classifying and validating data and product descriptions appearing on

We Designed a small federated cluster of backend ruby services to retrieve, store, validate and merge data from disparate providers. Each component is independent of others communicating via Message queues. The modular design is quickly understandable. It allows easy scalability and maintenance and testing.

We added features for Content Management to Best Buy's Marketplace, allowing ingestion of third party products for display on Best Buy web properties.

The project, designed to be hosted in a cloud based environment, and is currently hosted on AWS, although it could be deployed anywhere with minimal fuss.

  • Pair Programming in an Highly Agile environment.
  • RabbitMQ
  • Ruby
  • Rspec / Cucumber for unit testing
  • MongoDB Object Datastore
  • Ruby on Rails / MySQL
  • OpsCode Chef for automation.
  • AWS, EBS automated deploys via Chef and Git.

2011, Consultant,, Saint Paul, MN

Worked on the medical diagnostic platform. I was part of the 6 person team that is Zipnosis. I consulted for 3 months, developing Api's and worked on the server side for an Iphone application. I implemented new features and streamed the codebase and assisted in architecture decisions. The technology stack in use was, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Git, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Javascript and Lisp.

2009-2010, Senior Software Engineer, GovDelivery Inc, Saint Paul, MN

GovDelivery are a Saint Paul based company which assists governments. They provide a comprehensive way to deploy, manage, and monitor communications, via email or sms. I was a part of the GovDelivery 10 member development team. We migrated the Java based web app to a more flexible, and testable Rails app. It was greenfield development. We developed and tested large swathes of the application. We embraced the agile development process, heavily re-factoring existing code and tests.

During this process clients were slowly migrating to the rails based platform. One of the first clients was the White House; I wrote the original Java/James based email to rails gateway which the White House uses to issue press releases. I helped develop the GovDelivery platform, using Ruby on Rails, Oracle, Java, Haml and Sass, Factory Girl, TestUnit, RSpec, Git, Continuous integration and Agile methodology.

2008--2009, Head of Infrastructure, Flyspy, Minneapolis, MN

Member of the 4 person team that is, an airfare search engine. Flyspy was venture backed startup located in Minneapolis. The search engine worked well, It obtained data from 3rd party providers, which were later acquired by google. Flyspy needed more funding to launch a nationwide rollout. The current google flights site is almost an exact duplicate of flyspy.

I was in charge of infrastructure for the company. I setup the company to run on Amazon's EC2 cloud infrastructure. I set up a linux based group of servers, all the services used by the company as well as load balancing, scaling and monitoring infrastructure. We set up, data bases to handle the acquisition and querying of big data requred to power a flight search engine.

I gave guidance for setting up the infrastructure. I set up an overall strategy for growth and scaling for front end / back end business processes.

I developed the Ruby on Rails / JQuery front end for the site, I helped develop a PHP / JQuery based front end for the site. I helped develop interfaces to tie the front and back end together. Technology in use was Amazon AWS cloud, EBS Elastic Block storage, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Agile development process

2006--2008, Software Engineer, Dow Jones MarketWatch, Minneapolis, MN

Team member on the 6 member Minneapolis Market Data redesign project. This project replaced all Dow Jones data feeds and core SOA web services relating to the distribution of financial data, this projects end goal is to make the indexes more reliable, faster and easier to maintain. It was intended to replace an overwhelmed system.

We embraced the agile development process.

Our team was responsible for entitling all requests for data. Tens of thousands of requests per second come into the system. Our code checks whether the client is authorized to see the requested data, and returns the authenticated elements of the quote.

The project used gSoap, C++ , XML, Java, JINI, Gigaspaces NoSQL, Ruby and Ruby on Rails. The environment is a large cluster of Linux servers spanning redundant datacenters.

  • Designed, developed and deployed a Jruby based Ruby on Rails management interface for Financial data feeds. This tool administers the entitlement of all Dow Jones, WSJ, and Marketwatch data feeds. It allowed easy query, changing and creation of complex nested Java objects stored in a Gigaspaces data cloud. The administrative tool used Jruby and Rails to model and to manage complex data objects. This allows the user to easily and transparently change the data shape of the financial instrument. Early iterations of the project relied heavily on REST based custom web services. Later iterations used Jruby and Ajax, as JRuby became production ready.
  • Wrote and tested various aspects of the project in gigaspaces
  • Used REST, JRuby, Java and Rails to manage data in a Gigaspaces object datastore. Wrote Java interfaces for Gigaspaces. Wrote XML serializers for Gigaspaces and REST datasources.
  • Wrote a scripting API to Gigaspaces using JRuby. The API allows easy changes to data stored in Gigaspaces.
  • Presented lecture for Dow Jones, to the Minnesota Ruby Users Group Oct 29th 2007. The topic was how Dow Jones was using JRuby to interact with the Java environment.

1996-2006 Independant Consulting


Winona State University, Winona MN

Business Administration General Management.
Fields of study included Computer Information Systems and Information gathering, Production Operations Management, Robotics, Quality Control, TQM, Continuous improvement methods and Financial Analysis.